ArtDinner Revival on Mallorca 2016

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I am back on the lovely island Mallorca and for the next one and a half months I will be working on new artpieces consisting of Mallorquin poster material. Furthermore, my dear friend Dagmar Wintersteller and I are organising a revival of the ArtDinner events launched in 2011/2012. My studio is located on the grounds of her beautiful finca hotel Son Vent. For the new art dinner edition, we got Son Vent chef Marc Riedmüller on board to cook a five course meal which will be served in the studio itself – the place where creativity happens and art emerges.

Of course you are welcome to visit my mallorquin studio any other time aswell after previous agreement. If interested just answer to this email.

After the last ArtDinner event on April 16th there will be a grand opening and presentation of the new works which will be on display at Son Vent until the end of October.

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What is ArtDinner?
A culinary delight and feast for the eyes, ArtDinner offers great food, tasteful wine, exciting people and a friendly atmosphere making for unforgettable evenings. Seated at a single long table, surrounded by its backdrop of interesting art, attendees are warmed both by fireplace and feeling through a wonderful 5 course meal. The concept of ArtDinner comes from a belief that art is best enjoyed with a full belly, wine in hand and surrounded by good company.

5 course meal incl. wine and water for 49 €.

The exclusively few seats every week require a binding registration:
Son Vent | 07208 Cas Concos de Cavaller ׀ Mallorca, Spanien
+34-971 842 184 ׀ ׀

: :

ArtDinner: Friday, 25.03. / 01.04. / 08.04. / 15.04., 7.30pm
Opening of the Exhibition: Saturday, 16.04.2016, 6pm


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